About Ego Comics



Ego Comics Infotainment Group is the publishing company for the Stomping Ground series of books and serves as an identifying mark for the various projects and creative interests pursued by Ben “Neb!” Girven and Neil Harmeyer, whether as a tandem effort, an individual production, or slapdash tangle of dreams and intentions.




NEIL HARMEYER and BEN “NEB!” GIRVEN are Ego Comics Infotainment and, together, are the co-creators of the Stomping Ground IP and corresponding universe of characters, stories, and series of self-published miscellenia.

Together they are more than the sum of their parts.

Individually, they own a lot of crap.

(And there is never enough time or space to display it all.)

There is no “I” in Ego.





 Ego is a story.

Ego is a journey.

Ego is fantasy, an ideal that does not exist.

Ego is breathtaking… and overwhelming.


Ego drives us.

Ego informs us.

Ego becomes us.

Ego destroys us.


Ego is dangerous excess, a demonic enabler.

Ego is painful, the clutter of the mind,

the yearnings of the heart, and the expense of the soul.


Ego is not safe, but will never let you down.

Ego is not here to hold your hand, but will always be by your side.

(In this, you are never alone.)


Ego is the light, the dark… enlightenment – and ignorance.

Ego is the best friend you never had.

Ego is a dream, dreaming of itself.

Ego is seeking meaning through myth and metaphor.


Ego is misdirection.

Ego is a scapegoat, an accomplice.

Ego can be pooh pooh’d, but can never be denied.

Ego is everything we project, everything we hope to be, and everything we are becoming.


Ego is form AND function.

Ego is pretentious. (And that is OKAY.)

Ego is all.

(Ego is false.)


Ego is lyrical, satirical, idealized, hyper-realized….

Ego is everything you are… and everything you are not.

Ego is adventure, a retro-futuristic rocket ship pushing back from the terminal…

Ego is for Ego’s sake.


Ego is a friendship.

Ego is a performance piece, looking for an audience… and a sponsor.

Ego is an idea whose time has come.

Ego is.


Ego is:

Neil Harmeyer  &  Ben “Neb!” Girven

“We had gone beyond a point of no return- and we were ready for it, for a point of no return…We wanted voice and we wanted vision.” ~ Michael McClure