About Stomping Ground


“Those who appear foolish may only be ahead of their time.” ~ The Manifest of Master Day


Inspired by swashbuckling  adventure fare, the infectious optimism and innocence of retro-futuristic science fiction, dog-eared comic books, classic golden age animation, rock star excess, nerdtastic geek chic, pop culture aphorisms,  Tiki gods and surfer bods, superheroes who proudly wear their underwear on the outside of their tights, and the whole of the world around us, Stomping Ground  is an ongoing – but finite – story of one everyman, his relation and relevance to the history and mystery of the universe, and all the crazy, wacky, multi-colored, strange-smelling and queer, misguided characters found therein. It is not presented as fact, or fiction, but is offered as mere commentary – a commentary on life.

Through this commentary, this exploration, we shall look back to the very origins of the universe itself, whilst living in the moment, and being mindful of tomorrow — for how can we hope to know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been?

No… Wait. Scratch that…

Stomping Ground is about true love and perceived loss, of good vs. evil, of pre-ordained eventuality, of indifference and ennui, of cosmic blunders and comic wonders, of ritual hazing, of edge-of-your-seat adventures astride a rocket-propelled rocking horse, of inter-dimensional snipe hunts… and everything in-between. It’s about the skuzzy, smudgy ring around the tepid backwater-filled bathtub that is the universe. It’s about getting involved, about showing up, fighting for what’s right  – or wrong –  and leading by example.

Stomping Ground is a story about no one special, no one of exceptional merit, and no one of consequence. It’s a story that assumes that anyone – and everyone! – can make a difference. It’s a story about you, a story about me. It’s a story as mundane as last night, and the morning after, about not always doing the right thing – but having the courage to admit when you’re wrong. It’s about all the annoying distractions in life, and “the one that got away.” It’s about alternative history, secret societies, multi-generational cover-ups, conspiracy theories, illegal aliens and filling in the blanks. It’s about social relevance and civil unrest. It’s about knowing yourself. It’s about science and faith… politics and religion… mythology and nostalgia… It’s about black and white horror movies, professional wrestlers, and fashionably-tragic goth girls. It’s about monsters, mysteries, meditation, magic and metaphors. It’s about skipping school and bullying the bullies. It’s about stand-up paper dolls, shadow puppets, and “sheer animagic.” It’s about reality and relativity. It’s about passion, friendship, philosophy, life-altering choices, looking within, doing the work, “walking the walk,” suffering for your craft, showing up, setting up and celebrating the bit. It’s about looking both ways before crossing the universe. It’s about space travel, strange planets, and parallel dimensions… It’s about remembering to wipe off your feet before traipsing about in unfamiliar mindscapes.

It’s about yesterday. It’s about today. It’s about tomorrow. It’s about the rest of our lives. It’s all we know. …And it’s about Time.

Welcome aboard, and buckle up… This is super-sexy, esoteric, sci-fi rock ‘n’ roll, baby!