Countdown to Denver

Hey Ego Fans!

We’re 1 week away from Denver Comic Con 2016. We’re in the final stretch of getting everything ready and packed to go for the show. We picked up the last of the books today at our printshop. They did a SPECTACULAR job, the books look AMAZING, and we’re really excited to see what people think. I put together a quick map to show where we’re supposed to be at on the floor. We’re actually right across the aisle from Image Comics, so that could be interesting. The excitement is building!!

Our website is just about finished as well. Neil & I are trying to get as much of this locked down before Denver. We’ve been making some last minute tweaks… we got the STORE setup, I’m trying to get all our books added right now actually! In addition, we’re hoping to launch a Patreon account for Ego Comics soon!! And we’re getting everything ready to start implementing a semi-regular Newsletter too.


We finished the the first set of a full series of ‘PAPERDOLLS‘ we’ve been planning. These are going to be available as ‘extras’ with each one of our preview releases. Each short story is setting up a different one of our main characters… and eventually, when we get through all the stories, we’ll have a full set of almost ALL of our main cast. (That, we are REALLY excited to see!!) Tuff and Celeste are both finished, as well as their corresponding ‘monsters’. We got these back from the printers today… and man I’m excited to see what people think of these! We left a few full sheets uncut just in case there are any ‘collectors’ out there interested!

Oh, one more thing, I found out last week that we’ll most likely have a table at the “Mile High Comics Denver Comic Con Pre-Party” event on Thursday night (June 16th). This will be a fun event right before the show, and a great chance to meet some people, and hang out with other creators before the kickoff for the Con. That’s all the info I have on that right now, I’ll update as I hear more. Mile High Comics is located at: 4600 Jason Street, Denver CO, 80211.

We’re really looking forward to next week. I think it’s going to be a really great show for us!! We hope to see you there!!

-Ego Comics

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