Ego Comics is going to Denver Comic Con 2016

Hey Ego Fans!

Let me be the first to welcome you to this, the very first, big, bad, bloggedy, blog post for our newly christened website. I know, I know… ’bout time, really! We’ve been planning this site for a little over a year now, and after a few attempts, and a couple assists by people who ‘ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING WITH THIS STUFF (read: Jenn Myers… it’s all Jenn, seriously, she bailed us out of a sinking ship with this one!!! – Thanks Jenn, couldn’t have gotten this site going with out ya’!) We’re FINALLY ROLLING THIS THING OUT.

So, with that outta the way (and me, yer’ friendly neighborhood Neb at the wheel… for now. Neil’s gonna take over a lot of these duties once we get it all rolling..) Let’s get this boat outta the dock, and out to sea. Shall we.

***ANNOUNCEMENT: Ego Comics Infotainment Group will be at Denver Comic Con 2016. We’ve secured table space for this year, and will be setting up shop, and promoting this thing FULL TILT BOOGIE at the show. The show is JUNE 17th – 19th and we’ll be nestled in the Artist Alley at Tables AV141 or AV142 (we’re not sure which one yet, but it should be either of those. We’ll be table-neighbors to our good friend John Myers (John & Jenn are the creative duo that make up Typo’d Mary ( – they are also from Albuquerque. We’ll post more info as we get closer to the show.

And just so ya’ know… We’re not rolling up there empty handed… Ego Comics will be debuting (2) brand new books… We’ve now finished 2 stories set in our “Stomping Ground” universe.  The first is a full length, 36 page book following of one of our very capable female protagonists, Celeste de Serzain, as she embarks on an epic tale of Monsters, Adventure, Revenge! … Pants!

The 2nd book, has just been finished, and is an action packed short story starring none other than “The Infallible Tuff”, the very most famous, and winningest Hyper-Grappler of the Accursed Arena. He’s thrown into the ring against the foul smelling and odoriferous “Blobnoxious” in the fight for domination, desperation, and bragging rights. It promises to be “ANETHEMA IN THE ARENA”

Also… we’re launching as a platform for webcomics. We’re going to release these stories online as well as collecting them into printed books.

So… sit down, strap in… make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in the upright and locked position…

because… we are GO FOR EGO!


Ben ‘Neb!’ Girven
Artist / Creator / Shifty-Eyed Dreamer


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