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Hey! Look at you!! You’re about to sign up for the OFFICIALLY Official “STOMPING GROUNDEmail Newsletter. We’re kinda partial to the idea that this is more like a a ‘FAN CLUB‘, so with that in mind… consider that you’re about to be taught the ‘secret handshake‘, and be invited past the shoddily constructed door, into our clubhouse.
(We don’t let just any ol’ scrub off the street into our club.

This will be an EMAIL newsletter. Now before you get worried about us clogging your inbox with adverts for Farniwook Enlargement Pills or letters from Ungorian Ice Princes, trying to entice you with tales of fortune and woe. We won’t be sending these newsletters out TOO often, (but just often enough… probably a handful a year). They’ll be chock full of useful INFOTAINMENT, like UPDATES about what we’re working on, (or just finished),  exciting PLACES that we’ll be visiting (conventions, coffee shops, exotic mountain-top yurts), and interesting tidbits about this universe we’ve created called STOMPING GROUND.

All this, tied up in a bow, and delivered to you via our very own INTERGALACTIC MAIL SMUGGLER – SAN CHOLO!

So, follow the instructions below, fill out the forms, click the “clicky” buttons, and let’s get adventuring together!!

See you in the STOMPING GROUND!

-Neil & Neb!

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